World citizens, wake up!



ベールシェバにあるBen-Gurion大学生のRotem Yacobiより。

World citizens, wake up!
(Ynetインターネット新聞より:Rotem Yacobi ) 
Published: 01.07.09, 23:32 / Israel Opinion

Wednesday: New Year's Eve. I was sitting in my apartment in Beersheba, debating whether to go out and celebrate. Suddenly, I heard the siren. I rushed down to the building's bomb shelter, where two frightened families gathered with their young children, as well as an elderly couple and two well-dressed university students, who at that point decided to stay home after all.

水曜日の大晦日、僕はベールシェバのアパートで新年祝賀に行こうかどうか考えていた。突然サイレンがなった。僕は急いでビルの地下にあるシェルターに行っ た。そこには恐怖に震えている幼い子供をもつ2つの家族だけではなく初老のカップル、そうしてその時点で家にとどまることを決めた身なりのきれいな大学生 2人がいた。

We were sitting quietly, listening to the siren, and waiting to hear the explosion. A few minutes after the blast, we all returned to our apartments. As I was heading to my bed, I heard that missiles were also fired at Ashkelon. I was thinking to myself: Let's hope no missile hits some crowded coffee shop; assuming anyone is even out there celebrating New Year's Eve.

静かに座っていりサイレンを聞いていた、そうして爆発の音が聞こえるのを待っていた。数分後爆風があった。僕たちみな各々のアパートに戻った。そうして寝 ようとしていた時に数本のミサイルがアシュケロンに発射されたと聞いた。僕はお願いだから混雑したカフェにミサイルが直撃しないようにと。。。(ニューイ ヤーイブで誰もが外に出ていると仮定して)

Thursday, the first day of the new year. I was supposed to head to university, but classes were cancelled. Apparently, university officials did not want to take any risks either. As I spoke with my concerned mother on the phone, I watched masses of students boarding buses and heading far away from the front. I reminded my mother that our home is no safer, and told her that for the time being I'm staying here.

木曜日:新年初日、大学へ向かうはずだったがクラスが中止されてしまった。もちろん大学側は少しの危険も冒したくはない。心配している母と電話で話してい たら、たくさんの大学生がバスに乗り込み、バスが遠くに向かっていったのを見ました。母にこの家はあまり安全ではないことを思い出させ、そうしてしばらく の間はここにいると話しました。

I try to solve a physics problem, but I can't concentrate. The sound of a door slammed in an apartment below makes me jump. For a moment I thought that another missile landed. This is how I react to every similar noise. I go through news websites, I read that the IDF is operating in Gaza, and I think about the people on both sides of the border.

物理学問題を解決しようとするが、集中することができない。下のアパートでバタンと閉められるドアの音は、僕を驚かせます。その時もう一つのミサイルが着 弾したと思うからです。あらゆる類似した音に反応してしまう。インターネットニュースでイスラエル国防軍がガザで軍事行動をしていると読み、国境の両側に いる人々のことを考える。

I was born in this country and so were my parents. I'm the grandson of Holocaust survivors. I was taught to love this land and to love other human beings, whoever they are. I served in the IDF, and today I am a student at Ben-Gurion University in Beersheba. I am proud to belong to this nation, which has such moral army.

僕も両親もこの国で生まれた。僕はホロコースト生存者の孫です。愛国と、たとえどんな人でも全ての人を愛することを教えられた。イスラエル国防軍にも務め た。今はベールシェバにあるベングリオン大学の学生です。僕は道徳的な軍隊のあるこの国の国民であることを誇りに思っている。

I ask myself the following questions: does the world know that the IDF calls and warns civilians before it strikes their homes, used as Hamas arms caches? Does the world know that in response to this, Hamas men place women and children on the roofs of buildings, because they know the IDF won't target them?




Does the world know that the IDF takes care of humanitarian needs and supplies medicine, food, and medical services to the Palestinians ?Does the world know that Hamas men fire from within population centers and turn civilians into human shields?



Does the world know that while we fight for our legitimate right to live in peace and security, Palestinian patients receive dedicated treatment at Israeli hospitals? Did the world hear about the 20 cases where Palestinians exploited their health problems in order to attempt to carry out terror attacks?



I ask myself, where was the world more than a year ago, when Hamas men massacred Fatah men and innocent members of their own people?



Does the world know that ever since Israel withdrew from Gaza in the summer of 2005, Hamas and its allies fired more than 6,000 rockets and mortar shells at Israel and hurt innocent civilians?


Yes despite this, Israel is subjected to harsh criticism on the part of the international community in general, and European states in particular, including Britain, France, and Russia. These are all states that have existed for many years, reinforced their global status, and enjoy security in their own countries. Some of them also had colonies on other continents where they imposed their traditions, cultures, and languages.

そう、にも関わらす、イスラエルは大方の国際社会、特にヨーロッパ(英国、フランス、ロシア含)から厳しい批判の受ける。これらのすべての国は長い間存在 して、彼らの世界的地位を強化し、彼ら自身の保安を楽しんでいる。その中の数国は以前植民地を持ち自身の伝統と文化と言葉をその国々に押し付けていた。

The State of Israel, which has been in existence for 60 years now, has no desire to become a global empire or colonize areas in other continents. Israel wants the states of the world and its neighbors to recognize its independence and sovereignty. Israel wants them to also recognize its right to provide protection and security to its citizens (according to Clause 51 of the UN convention, every nation has the right for self-defense, as long as the principle of a proportional response is met. Israel's response upholds this principle.)




Citizens of the world, wake up! If we agree to tolerate the rocket attacks, your own children will be next in line.


Friday, the second day of the new year. I sit in my apartment in Beersheba and eat cookies that the neighbor from downstairs handed out at the bomb shelter. I sit there and I think about a reality where I could sign this piece as follows: Rotem Yacobi, citizen of the Free World.

金曜日、新年2日目。僕はベールシェバの私のアパートに座って、シェルターで一緒だった下階の住人がその時くれたクッキーを食べながら、そこに座りそうして僕がこの部分に以下のように署名した現実について考える;Rotem Yacobi,自由の世界の市民。